Downloading OverDrive eBooks for PC and Mac

To view OverDrive ebooks on your computer, you must download and install a free software program called Adobe Digital Editions.

It is not necessary to register the software or to create an account if you only want to read on your computer screen. However, if you wish to download your ebook to multiple devices or transfer it to a dedicated ebook reader such as a NOOK, Sony Reader, or Pandigital device, you will have to set up a free Adobe account and register your software.

You will need: A computer capable of running Adobe Digital Editions, an internet connection and a valid RCPL library card.

Get Set Up:

Download eBooks:

Note: You will see multiple formats available for eBooks. The Adobe ePub eBook format is the standard eBook format and is compatible with Adobe Digital Editions and non-Kindle eReaders. It is symbolized by the Adobe EPUB Icon. The Adobe PDF eBook format is sometimes used for more visually-formatted books such as picture books and cookbooks, and will work on your computer but may not be as readable on an eReader. Kindle Books will not work with Adobe Digital Editions at all. Make sure you add the appropriate format to your cart.

  • Click “proceed to check out”
  • select your check out time for each title

  • Click “confirm check out”
  • Click “Download”. If you computer asks you what to do with the .acsm file, click “open.” Adobe Digital Editions will launch and download your eBook.
  • You are now ready to read your book using Adobe Digital Editions.

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