Download Freegal Music on your Mobile Device

If you have an: Android Phone, Android Tablet, iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

You can download: Freegal Music using the Freegal Mobile App

Get Set Up:

You are now ready to use the App:

  • Browse for music, or search using the magnifying glass icon at the top right corner of the screen. To exit search results and return to the main menu, tap “Done.”
  • Tap on the blue triangle to play a sample of a song. Download by tapping the down arrow icon. Note: There is no “Undo,” so tap carefully.
  • Tap “My Music” from the navigation menu to view and play your songs using the blue triangle icons, or “Playlist” to create and listen to playlists.

Differences between the Freegal app and the Freegal website:

The mobile Freegal app allows for immediate download of music while on the go and without the need for a computer.

There is currently (as of May 2012) no way to transfer Freegal mp3 files off of your mobile device onto a computer, or to join them with your existing music library. However, by logging onto the Freegal website from a computer, you can view your Recent History and redownload the songs you downloaded in the app up to 2 times within a 2 week period.

Downloading Freegal music to your computer (see instructions) and then copying files to your mobile device’s music library is currently the best way to back up and manage your music, as it allows you to combine your music files with your existing music library and to copy them to a mobile device while retaining the music files on your computer.

Click here for Freegal FAQs.

Things to Know about Freegal


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