3M Cloud Library for iOS

If you have an: iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

You can download: 3M Cloud Library eBooks using the free 3M Cloud Library App for iOS (requires: iOS 3.2 or greater)

Thank you for your interest in reading Richland County Public Library books on your iPad!

These instructions will get you up and running with our 3M Cloud Library service, the easiest way to browse and read RCPL library ebooks on your iPad. These instructions are divided into 4 sections:

Installation – How to download the 3M Cloud Library app to your iPad. (You’ll only have to do this once)

One-Time Set Up – Getting the app set up the first time, so that it knows who you are and which library you’re using. (You’ll only have to do this once, as well.)

How to Browse Books – How to use the app to browse and search for ebooks, and how to check out titles and place holds

Reading – How to change font size, access the Table of Contents, and enjoy reading library books on your iPad.


Press the home button on your iPad and tap the icon for the App Store.

App Store icon

Tap in the search field in the top right corner and type 3m cloud library. When you see 3m cloud library appear in the ‘Results’ pop up, tap to select it, or tap the Search key on the virtual keyboard (where the ENTER key should be).

Searching in App Store

After searching, you should see the 3M Cloud Library app icon, and a button labeled FREE.

Tap the FREE button and it will become an INSTALL button. Tap again to install.

Click "Free" then click "Install"

Enter your Apple password.

Enter the password associated with your Apple ID when prompted.

The app will begin downloading.

One-Time Set Up

Find the icon for 3M Cloud Library on your iPad. Tap to open the app.

The 3M Cloud Library icon

Tap Select State / County and select SC, then tap Close to close the selection window.

Tap Select Library and select Richland County PL (any branch). Then tap Close to close the selection window again.

Tap where it says Enter Library ID and enter your library card number.

Tap on End User License Agreement. Scroll down and tap Agree.

The green Login button will now appear brighter and become “tappable.” Tap the green Login button.

Login Screen for 3M Cloud Library

How to browse books

Once you log in to the 3M app, there are 4 views for browsing the library’s collection, which you can switch to by using the buttons at the bottom of the page: Shelves, Categories, Search, and My Books.

In-app navigation

The first time you use it, the app will open on Shelves. These are the most recent and most popular books in our digital collection. You can swipe your finger up and down to see additional shelves, or side-to-side to browse within a shelf. You can also tap the green List View button to see the contents of a shelf. In List View you can scroll through titles by swiping your finger up and down. Some users prefer List View because you can see at a glance which titles are available for immediate check out.

Tapping Categories at the bottom of the screen will let you browse the entire digital library, organized by subject or genre. Once you tap on a category or subcategory, you will see all of the ebooks in that subject presented in List View. In List View, you can scroll through the results by swiping up and down.

If you see a book that looks interesting, tap its cover to see more information.

You can also Search for books using the third button on the bottom of the screen. Tap Search to enter a search term. Tapping the Advanced Search button at the top left corner of the screen in Search mode lets you choose to view either all search results, or only those that are available right now for check out.

When you tap a book cover, you can see more information about that book, such as Title, Author, publication date, and a summary. You will also see one of two options: either a green Check Out button or a grey Add to Hold List button. Just like with physical books, the library has a limited number of books in circulation. If all of the copies of a particular title are currently checked out, you have the option of placing a hold for a title.

GREEN Checkout Button GREY Add to Hold List Button

To check out a book, tap the green Check Out button. The book will begin downloading and instantly be added to the fourth view accessible from the buttons at the bottom of your screen: My Books. If the book opens automatically and you’d still like to browse for other titles, you can return to the library view by tapping once in the center of the screen, and then tapping the circular X that appears in the top left corner. This takes you back to My Books, where you can tap to read another title you’ve checked out, or tap on the bottom icons to return to Shelves, Categories, or Search.


Having chosen and checked out a title, now it’s time for your reward: reading library books on your iPad! Select a book you have checked out by tapping My Books at the bottom of the app and tapping the book you wish to read.

Basic navigation is easy: swipe your finger right-to-left to advance the page, or left-to-right to go backwards.

Tap once in the center of the screen to access more options. When you finish using these options, tap the center of the screen once more to hide these buttons and read.

Tap the center of a page for options

There is a slider at the bottom of the page. This lets you see how far into the book you are. You can also slide it forward or backward to jump forward or backward into the text.


The top central “Gear” icon controls how the text looks. Tap A- or A+ to change the font size, and use the Margin Size buttons to control the margins. You can also adjust screen brightness or apply Night Mode for reading in the dark. Lock Orientation toggles whether the screen orientation should change if you tilt your iPad sideways. Once you have chosen your preferred font size and reading settings, your selections will stay the same for all of your books until you change the settings again.

Gear icon at top allows you to adjust font, color, and brightness

The circular X at the top left corner will take you back to My Books. The square dotted line in the top right corner will let you place a “sticky note” – you can use this to bookmark and annotate passages.

Reading options icons

The magnifying glass icon to the right of the center at the top of the screen lets you search for all occurrences of a word or phrase in the book you’re reading.

Tapping the “i” to the left of the center at the top brings up additional information about the book you are reading. Below the description of the book, you can tap the Table of Contents to jump straight to a particular chapter, or Bookmarks to access any bookmarks or notes you’ve placed. If you scroll down, you’ll also see a red Check In button. This will take the book off of your iPad and return it to the library, so don’t tap it prematurely – but if you finish a book early, you can check it in before the 3-week checkout period is over, allowing another customer to download that book.

Tapping "i" lets you navigate within a book or return a book

The following slideshow demonstrates how to download and use the 3M Cloud Library app for iOS:

3M Cloud Library FAQs


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  1. Connie says:

    Excellent instructions now that I have been stumbling around a bit. At first I did not fully comprehend how to navigate this system but this helps tremendously. Thank you.

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