Using 3M Cloud Library Online and the Discovery Terminal

You can use the Discovery Terminal (located at the Main Library) or the 3M Cloud Library website ( to browse and search RCPL’s digital collection, check out eBooks, place eBooks on hold, or return eBooks early.

From the 3M Cloud Library website ( you can also download the 3M Cloud Library app for PC, iOS, and Android.

Once checked out, your eBooks will be synced to any of your devices running the 3M Cloud Library app. You can also have your eBooks loaded onto a 3M eReader to borrow from the library.

About the only limitation of the Discovery Terminal and the 3M Cloud Library website is that you cannot read eBooks, nor transfer eBooks to your own eReader. For those operations you will need a device capable of running the 3M Cloud Library app.

Using the Discovery Terminal or the 3M Cloud Library website:

Browsing and searching for eBooks using the Discovery Terminal works just like it does on the 3M Cloud Library app for PC and in the 3M Cloud Library mobile apps.

Navigation Buttons

The navigation icons at the top of the screen allow you to browse by Shelves or by Categories, to Search, or to view your checked out and requested Books. You can narrow your browsing to subcategories as well by clicking on “View all subcategories” underneath any top-level categories from the Categories tab.

While browsing Categories online, you can also choose to view only titles available for immediate check out (excluding those already checked out to other customers).

You can use the Advanced Search option under the Search tab to narrow your search to currently available titles only by checking the box next to “Show only books available to check out”.

To log in, tap or click the “Login” link in the top right corner of the screen and enter your RCPL Library Card Number. At the Discovery Terminal, you can also scan your Library Card barcode. If you forget to login, you will be prompted to enter your library card number before checking out a book. If you forget to log out at the Discovery Terminal, you will be automatically logged out after a few minutes of inactivity.

If a book is not available for checkout because another customer has checked it out, you can place a hold for that title. When the title becomes available, you will have 72 hours to check it out to your account. Note: There is currently no email notification in place for when holds become available. Until this is implemented, checking your account (online, at the library, or through the app) every few days is recommended to make sure you do not lose your place in the queue.

When you click on My Books, you will see any books you have checked out using either the web interface, the Discovery Terminal, or a 3M Cloud Library app, as well as any books for which you have placed a hold.

To return eBooks, select the My Books tab and click on “Check In” next to the title you wish to return.

3M Cloud Library FAQs


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