3M Cloud Library for Android Phone/Android Tablet

If you have an: Android Phone or Android Tablet

You can download: 3M Cloud Library eBooks using the free 3M Cloud Library App for Android


1. Open the Android Market or Google Play and search for “3M Cloud Library” or click here. Download and install the free app.

2. Tap the 3M Cloud Library icon to run the app.

Select South Carolina as your state and Richland County PL as your library.

Enter your library card number. Agree to the End User License Agreement, then tap Login.

3. You are now ready to search for and download eBooks, read them, and check them back in early (optional).

The navigation icons at the top of the screen allow you to browse by Shelves (Channels) or by Categories, to Search, or to view your Books.

Tapping once in the center area of an open eBook will reveal more options. Click on the Gear icon that appears at the top of the screen to adjust reading preferences. Click on the “Close” button that appears in the top left corner to exit the eBook and return to your “shelf.”

The following slideshow demonstrates how to download and use the 3M Cloud Library mobile app. (Note: the slideshow depicts an iPad, but the Android app shares the same features.)

3M Cloud Library FAQs


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