RCPL 3M eReaders

Richland County Public Library is proud to circulate 3M PocketBook eReaders. These devices have 6″ E Ink screens that can be read even in bright sunlight, and can be loaded with any of the thousands of eBooks in RCPL’s 3M Cloud Library collection.

Customers can use the web interface or Discovery Terminal to choose and check out eBooks. A library staff member will sideload these eBooks onto a 3M eReader for the customer to check out.


  • Checkout time for the 3M eReaders is 3 weeks.
  • 3M eReaders cannot be renewed, although they can be checked out again if available.
  • 3M eReaders cannot be placed on hold at this time.
  • If overdue, a fine of $1 per day will accrue.
  • 3M eReaders are available for checkout to RCPL cardholders 18 years of age and older.
  • Initially, 3M eReaders will circulate from the Main library only, and must be returned to the desk – not a bookdrop.
  • 3M eReaders can only be used with the 3M Cloud Library; they cannot be used for reading commercial or OverDrive eBooks.

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