Can I return an eBook in early?

You can turn library ebooks in early if you are using Adobe Digital Editions software on your computer.

1. First, plug in your reader and turn it on.

2. Click the Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) icon on the desktop of your computer to open the software . 

3. Click Adobe Digital Editions on the left side of your screen to view your reader’s eBook library (Note: your e-Reader may be indicated on your computer as “media” or “Nook”).

4. Click the little arrow in the upper-left-hand corner of the title’s image and select “Return Borrowed Item” from the drop-down menu (see image below).

5. Confirm that you want to return the item (e-Book) by clicking the “Return” button that appears.

6. Click “All Items” on the Adobe Digital Editions bookshelf.

7. Locate the book title again, and repeat the returning process (steps noted above).

8. Following these steps will ensure your eBook title is indeed returned.

Now, if you go to your Overdrive account, your book should no longer be on your bookshelf.

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